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The secret to hitting success

Meet Dr. Dot

Dr Dot’s record speaks for itself. From high school to college coaching, Dr. Dot has experienced the successes of numerous championships.  Let Dr. Dot help you improve your hitting style.

Confidence of  Success

Dr. Dot  focuses not only on technique, but also on your mind set.  Learn how to empower your game with the Confidence of Success.

Setup for Success

Compact Swing

Directing the Swing


Setup for Success

Watch Dr. Dot show:

 Hitting Feet:  Shoulder distance apart; toes turned in slightly, rear foot down the baseline.

Cutting Edge:  Knees slightly bent; center of gravity over the balls of your feet.

Weightless Stride:  Prior to release of pitch, take a short stride; still able to lift front foot; weight over rear foot.

Meet Dr. Dot

Train with “Dr. Dot” and KNOW how to become a confident, consistent contact hitter!


The Maver Method | Dorothy J. Maver, Ph.D.   Tel:  802-272-5504